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S. M. Haines Portrait

S. M. Haines


This site is posted by the chap you see on the left, namely, me. 


I live on the Northern Beaches, New South Wales, Australia.    


My intention in publishing this site is not to offer a personal blog but rather as a web site for my business and professional interests.  The only advertising for this site is found on my business cards and stationary so if you are visiting it is hopefully as someone who I have already met.  If you have “accidentally” found this site then I hope it proves to be of interest to you and I appreciate your stopping by.


This site was commenced in November 2010 and, I suppose, might be considered my “official site”.


All the information posted on this site has been checked prior to publication, however there may be unintended errors or omissions that have occured.  We are, after all, fallible.